Leader in holistic approach to pet health.

Our treats are founded on the concept of Food Therapy (You are what you eat). We incorporate ancient Eastern and Western healing philosophies in all recipes we create resulting in a range of modern day functional treats that pets just go nuts for.

TheBugsyShop.Com manufactures all-natural organic dog treats made from clean raw meats freeze dried with Ancient Australian Indigenous Herbs and Ancient Chinese Herbs for optimum amino acid proteins, and bio availability, for wholeness support for the animal in treatments of many illness and health conditions. This is Eastern Food Therapies for wellness recoveries and being well wholistically. These exclusive food sources are anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, health enhancing treats as an outstanding commitment to the family pets’ benefits. There are not hormones, no radiation, no grain, no starch, no chemicals, no flavours. Veterinary approved and certified.


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