The Collie Club of NSW is affiliated with Dogs NSW and promotes the breeding and exhibition  of the Collie (Rough) and Collie (Smooth).

The club was formed in 1943 by a small group of enthusiasts, the 1st show was held on the 16th October 1943 in the Wood Chopping Ring at Sydney Showground.

We now hold 2 Championship shows and an Open show each year and today the club are proud to showcase our beautiful dogs to the public at the Dog Lovers Show. For further information on our club check out our website and  follow us on Facebook.

Everybody knows and loves “Lassie” legendary star of the silver screen ,her exploits have endeared her to generations. Visit our stand to meet our dogs,  we will have both varieties on show throughout the day  the long coated or Collie (Rough) and the short coated Collie (Smooth)

We will be providing grooming demonstrations during the day and offering tips and advice about caring for the Collie coat, which isn’t as difficult as many would believe! Our team manning the stall are all experienced owner/breeders of the Collie and will be pleased to answer any questions you may have on choosing a puppy, health issues, training and general care.

Check out our photographic display; photos of our stunning dogs and a pictorial history of how the breed has developed over the years to become the most beautiful of  the canine species. Learn about the history of the Collie from its humble origins as a herding dog for the shepherds in the highlands of Scotland to becoming a favourite of Queen Victoria and  evolving into the magnificent dog it is today.

Our club provides a rescue service and Melissa the recue officer has information on how to foster or adopt a Collie, see our rescue display and the heart warming stories of dogs getting a second chance.

Our dogs are sure to win you over, if you are looking to purchase a pedigree puppy and not sure what breed you would like we can tell you why Collies make the ideal family pet, come along and say hello you won’t be disappointed! Being no longer in great demand as a herding dog today’s Collie has transferred these abilities to serving as a devoted family pet where he shows a particular affinity to small children. Elegant and beautiful in appearance, loyal and affectionate in all his actions, self appointed guardian of everything he can see and hear, the Collie represents, to his many admirers the ideal family companion.

“Collies, Simply The Best – Better Than All The Rest”

Stand Number: 934