Greyhound Rescue was established 10 years ago to save and home greyhounds that were surplus to the requirements of the racing industry.

We save greyhounds from pounds, take in those left at vets to be euthanized, as well as surrenders. Greyhound Rescue has a no kill policy and would not euthanise a greyhound unless it was terminally ill or in great pain. We do not discriminate on grounds of age, colour or sex. We also believe that greyhounds should be part of the family and live and sleep indoors. We are entirely run by volunteers and rely solely on donations. We have no affiliation with racing industry and are an independent organization with full charity status.

Come and visit us at the Dog Lover’s Show and have a chat to our volunteers (and meet a hound!) to find out why greyhounds make such greyt pets!



Stand Number: 328