Greyhounds As Pets responsibly rehomes happy and healthy greyhounds from the greyhound racing industry.

Our experienced team pride themselves on matching the right dog to you and your circumstances, and providing comprehensive support during and after the adoption or foster care process.

Did You Know?

  • All our Greyhounds are either ‘Greenhounds’ or ‘Greenhounds in-training’, meaning they are assessed (or will be assessed) to be walked in public without a muzzle!
  • Greyhounds make fantastic low maintenance pets and fit into most types of home environments. They are a very affectionate breed by nature, who love company and attention.
  • They don’t shed a great deal and don’t produce much by way of ‘doggy odour’. They are very clean so require minimal bathing.
  • Surprisingly Greyhounds require very little exercise. They are sprinters, not long distance athletes and only need a moderate walk daily.
  • Many of our Greyhounds happily live with other dogs of all sizes (even small fluffy ones!) and some are even cat-friendly!
  • They sleep for up to 20 hours a day so are great for families and busy working professionals alike. Greyhounds are very quiet and rarely bark.
  • Greyhounds are the second fastest land animal on earth and can achieve speeds of 65-70 km/hr.
  • Male Greyhounds weigh 30-40kg and stand 65-75cm at the shoulder. Females weigh 25-35kg and stand 60-70cm at the shoulder.

Stand Number: 444