Mini’s Bulldog Rescue Club (ABN 85 245 910 521) is a registered charity and operates 100% not-for-profit to help bulldogs in need across Australia. We are a small team of volunteers dedicated to helping bulldogs whilst juggling our (paid) work, family & personal commitments. We rely on the generosity of foster carers and donations from the community in order to help the bulldogs in need.

Donations of $2+ to Mini’s Bulldog Rescue Club are tax deductible and there are 2 easy ways to donate:
* PayPayl
* WESTPAC BSB: 032-051 ACC: 806473

Our first priority is to assist bulldogs in need of rescue. They may be located in a pound, or in a risky situation and surrendered urgently. Once a suitable foster carer has been found, rescue bulldogs will be cared for in the foster carer’s home, just like they would their own dog. Mini’s Bulldog Rescue Club will provide the necessary medical and behavioural support to get the rescue bulldog ready to be adopted to a new home. The foster carer will always get first option to adopt the bulldog they have fostered (called a foster fail – which is a major perk of fostering). All bulldogs are microchipped, desexed and brought up to date with vaccinations as part of getting ready to be adopted. An adoption fee of $400-500 will be charged to cover some of the cost to get the bulldog ready to be adopted (cost per dog is often a lot more than the adoption fee).

MBRC will also provide support to families who need to find a new home for their bulldog. These are known as an ‘assisted adoption’ or an ’assisted rehoming’ where we match the bulldog up with a new family. Again, all bulldogs must be microchipped, desexed, and up to date with vaccinations to be adopted. Please understand finding the perfect new home may take a little time and helping rescues as stated above will always be the first priority. A family giving a dog up will not be paid by Mini’s Bulldog Rescue Club. It must be a genuine case of wanting to find a suitable and loving home for the bulldog which they can’t keep.

Mini’s Bulldog Rescue Club does not transport dogs inter-state (or within state) as this does not allow for the all important meet & greet, and an adoption trial.

Stand Number: 340