We run the “Sanctuary Dog Program” which is helping abandoned senior dogs from high kill pounds to be successfully rescued, rehabilitated and ethically rehomed.

The dogs who come into our care are all *special needs*.

We take enormous pride in our work, endearingly calling them “Crustys” & “Wobblys”.

We believe there is a perfect forever home for each pet – regardless of their age, health or disability.

Our focus at this event is to educate the general public that senior/sick/disabled dogs simply ROCK!!!

We take in only a handful of dogs at a time, where they are fostered in a home environment lovingly referred to as:-

– Chateau PFT

We have rescued over 235 dogs in 5 years and as all of our rescued dogs are *special needs*, this responsibility comes with an extraordinarily high level of veterinary care that each dog benefits upon entering our “Sanctuary Dog” program.

We work on a volunteer basis only and all the vetwork for each dog is paid for & only made possible with the support of the general public. Therefore, we rely on donations to assist with the on-going care for each deserving dog.

Whilst some rescue groups are at the beginning of a dog’s life….we are there during their twilight years when they fall.

Each dog’s journey can be lovingly followed on our Facebook page.

Stand Number: 314