Pet beds the whole family will love !

Comfy, great range of faux fur fabrics and colours.

Warm and snuggly in Winter but each part ‘breathes’ to allow the heat to dissipate in Summer.

Our Husky’s use the Luxury range of covers all year round

We call it the ‘Donut’ design. Pods4Pets have an outer ring and the middle sinks slightly to provide a

nesting area for your pet, with sides that act like a pillow for support and security. The inner cushion is weighted differently to the sides to create a nesting area & pets love it !

Add the luxurious elasticised cover and you have 3 independent parts that can be washed or changed individually.

Each part can be purchased separately, so you don’t have to throw a bed out, just replace the part you need. Cover, Base or Cushion

Stand Number: 412