Introducing Safeglow™ LED Dog Safety Products

We specialise in LED safety gear for pets and their owners. Our website offers a range of LED dog collars & harnesses and reflective collars & leads. Safeglow gear helps to keep pets safe by being visible in the dark at over 300 metres, giving ample time for motorists to see your pets and to slow down. Safeglow collars & harnesses feature slim USB-rechargeable power packs for pet comfort and owner convenience. also offers products for the safety and fitness of dog walkers, like LED belts with handy pouches for your doggie bags, keys etc. Safeglow LED dog products are ideal for keeping an eye on your pets at the beach, park or on the farm. They are available in 4 vibrant colours so if you own more than one pet, you can easily identify each one by their glowing LED colour. For further details visit our website at:

Safeglow – Keeping People & Pets Safe

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