Vetnex is an Australian brand of natural animal care products with a mission to help our beloved animals live healthier & happier.

Vetnex dedicates to research, development and supply of high-quality & innovative natural animal care products for dogs and cats. Vetnex product range covers the areas of oral & dental, bone & joint, skin & coat and nutrition care.
In the Sydney Show, we will showcase our natural nutrition/health supplement products and our innovative grooming brush range

Stand Number: 826

Show Specials

40% off the whole range of our innovative grooming brushes:
• Self-Cleaning Pin Brush
• Massage Brush
• Dematting Rake
• Undercoat Rake
• Soft Pin Brush
• Pin comb

New Product

40% off natural supplements:
• Natural Dental Care: original/salmon/kangaroo/soft chews
• Calcium & Vit D: soft chews (salmon/beef)
• Immunity Powder: Manuka honey, colostrum, vit C, goat milk