We make miniature replicas of your dog!

Made from 100% wool, glass eyes and hand made clay noses. These heirloom creations are a beautiful keepsake or gift of our precious dogs. 10% off at the Show.

Each dog is handcrafted from 100% Aussie wools, with glass eyes and handmade clay noses. These dogs are heirloom quality and make the perfect memorial gift of a much love dog. Fibre Artist Di Conroy has spent years perfecting the art form of creating felted dogs from merino, corridale and alpaca wools.

Stand Number: 522

Show Specials

These mini replicas make the perfect memorial gift after your dog has passed. The artist needs 6-8 photos of the dog to create a true likeness for you to have and hold forever.

New Product

Fibre artist Di Conroy now makes dogs dressed to be mini people. Come visit the stall to see these unique creations. These make a one-of-a-kind gift for a true dog lover.