Adopt, Donate, Volunteer, Educate and Rehabilitate

What is Happy Paws Haven

  • Is a no-kill animal rehabilitation and re-homing sanctuary for abandoned and surrendered cats and dogs in Northern NSW
  • Commits to every to every animal in our care never euthanise a sociable, healthy or treatable companion animalwhatever their age and to give them a haven to be until we find them a home no matter how long that takes.
  • Is an essential part of the community
    • Working with schools and colleges,
    • Volunteers,
    • Families in Crisis,
    • Community service,
    • Work experience,
    • Educate the community about responsible pet ownership,
    • Has an excellent reputation for the work we do.

Our History:

  • Started in Grafton in 2006,
  • Incorporated & Endorsed Charity in 2007,
  • Purchased 140 Tindal Road October 2008,
  • Moved to new sanctuary in 2009,
  • Acquired 162b Tindal Road in April 2015,
  • Rescued over 2450 animals since we started,
  • Rescue and Rehoming rates are approx. 150 – 200 animals per year.

What do we do:

  • Surrender Service for those who are no longer able to keep their pets,
  • Rescue from animal impounding facilities,
  • Assist families in crisis with temporary caring for their cats and dogs,
  • Assess, rehabilitate, de-sex, immunise and microchip all those in our care,
  • Ensure new owners have suitable facilities for and commitment to their new family member,
  • Educate on responsible pet ownership and need for continued training,
  • Breed Rescue for Belgian Shepherd Club of NSW.

How we operate:

  • Fund Raising and Adoptions,
  • No government support,
  • Cost of operation is approximately $250,000 per year,
  • All workers are volunteers or contractors,
  • It is all about the animals,
  • Large yards and space for the animals to play all day long,
  • No Cages unless the animal is sick,
  • The best care we can afford to provide,
  • Using the Get 2 Zero euthanasia model,
  • Full responsibility for each animal as if it was our own,
  • Cuddling and playing is compulsory.

We will be bringing 4 to 5 dogs ready for adoption to the show for the public to meet and greet. We will also be participating in Pat a Pooch each day with each dog.

Stand Number: D100

Show Specials

We will have a competition with a prize worth approximately $400.