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10am – 4pm daily.

Download DockDogs by BlackHawk 2017 timetable (pdf 3 MB)

BlackHawk was the major sponsor of DockDogs, Australia’s most exciting Dog entertainment and competition at the 2017 show which saw a wide range of breeds launching themselves off a dock into a massive pool of water!

DockDogs® by BlackHawk®WOWED visitors at the Sydney Dog Lovers Show in 2017! Unlike any other canine competition, there is a zero discrimination policy so Dogs that competed in the World Wide rankings could be any breed, mix or size providing they were over 6 months old.

This is a show and a competition all in one packed with entertainment! Essentially DockDogs® is long jump for Dogs but into a pool of water with the Edginess of Competition. DockDogs® Australia National Competition has a multi-divisional competition presenting the Big Air® Wave competition accompanied by an Extreme Vertical® and Speed Retrieve® competition for both competitors and spectators to enjoy.

The Big Air® competition is Long Jump for Dogs, where Dogs jump in one of 4 divisions to make the finals. It features Dogs running down a 40’ dock and diving into a pool of water after an object, in which they are electronically judged for the length of their jump.

The Extreme Vertical® competition is a “High Jump” for Dogs as they each lunge to snag a “bumper” suspended in the air from heights of 6 foot+.

Rounding out the 2017 show action was the newest form of competition known as Speed Retrieve® where Dogs were put on the clock to see how fast they could run down the dock, jump into the water, swim to the end of the pool and retrieve an object which was held by a modified extender arm.

To get in touch with DockDogs and apply for future competitions, please email [email protected]