Royal Hall of Industries (RHI)


9:30am – 5pm daily.

Meeting, patting & connecting with Dogs is one of life’s absolute joys for Dog lovers of all ages.

It releases happy endorphins and never fails to put a smile on our face so the Channel 7 Pat-A-Pooch feature was, as always, one of the most popular attractions at the 2017 Dog Lovers Show.

Visitors were able to interact with a wide range of Dog breeds of all shapes and sizes with a handler on-hand at all times to provide trusted, reliable information on each pooch.

The feature presented a rare opportunity for kids (and adults) to get up close and personal with a wide range of dogs.

Visitors were also provided with valuable information to help them make more informed decisions on selecting the right breed for their lifestyle and home.

Channel 7 Pat-A-Pooch worked in conjunction with the Perfect Match (Breed Selection Zone) and Breed Showcase features in helping to provide valuable education on each breed.

Visitors went barking mad with love when meeting and interacting with all our beautiful Pat-A-Pooch Dogs at the event in the safe and rewarding environment provided (including bean bags, which created the ultimate relaxing Pooch patting experience!).