10:0am – 4:30pm Daily

Meeting & connecting with a Dog is one of life’s absolute joys – for kids & adults of all ages.

Patting pooches release happy endorphins and never fail to put a smile on our face, so the Pat-A-Pooch feature will again be one of the most popular attractions at the Dog Lovers Show.

Guests are able to interact with a wide range of Dog breeds of all shapes and sizes with a handler on-hand at all times to provide trusted, reliable information on each pooch.

This feature presents a rare opportunity for kids (and adults) to get up close and personal with a wide range of Dogs with valuable information to help them make more informed decisions on selecting the right breed for their lifestyle and home, as well as taking a much deserved break from the day.

Pat-A-Pooch works in conjunction with Dog Adoption Zone and Breed Showcase features in helping to provide resourceful education on a wide range of Dogs. Guests are able to attend expert talks at the Dog Adoption Stage to learn in-depth information on a specific rescue groups and talk directly to knowledgeable members.

We know you love meeting and interacting with dozens of beautiful Dogs at the event in a safe and rewarding environment so that’s why we keep trying to make it bigger and better than ever before!