SASH Emergency Top Tips


The Dome


9:30am – 5:00pm daily.

SASH are proud sponsors of the brand new, Experience SASH Vets and the SASH Emergency Top Tips feature. Their amazing team can’t wait to meet you at the Sydney Dog Lovers Show!

Hear from the SASH Vets, the country’s leading emergency vets and nurses about canine emergencies.

Learn tips and tricks about how to prevent your dog ending up in emergency and when to know to it is time to find and emergency vet. There will also be opportunities to speak one on one to the SASH Emergency team.

The stand also offers a rare opportunity for visitors to meet the dynamic team of vets, nurses and receptionists to learn more about what these incredible workers do and what they can do for your pooch if it needs medical assistance. There will also be valuable information on hand regarding various diseases, common toxicities and NSW based parasites that can impact your dog.

SASH is the referral hospital for the TV show Bondi Vet so you have probably seen them in action!